2023 Gradstravaganza Success Session Materials

Success Session Recordings and Materials

Plenary Session: Welcome with Dr. Bray

Session Recording

Session Exercise: Share one word to describe how you are feeling as you begin your graduate school journey.  

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Pathway through the PhD Presented by Dr. Julie Owen

Strategies for Success in you Master's Degree Program Presented by Jill Deering

Making the Commitment to Writing Presented by Jenny Goransson

How to Get On-Campus Employment as a Graduate Student Presented by Kaylie Wray

Session Recording Part 1

Session Recording Part 2

Presentation Slides

Building an Effective Relationship with your Mentor/Advisor Presented by Dr. Stephanie Bluth

Managing Time and Avoiding Procrastination Presented by Dr. Julie Stradling

Resilience in Graduate School Presented by Alexander Harrison, LPC

A2i: Accelerate to Industry Presented by Mariia Ivanchenko and Cecilia Barriga Bahamonde

Finding External Funding while in Graduate School Presented by Dr. Megan Bruening

Graduate Student Panel: Tips and Strategies for Graduate School Success

Graduate Research Assistants as Researchers, Mentors, and Professionals Presented by Dr. Christopher DiTeresi

Session Recording

Presentation Slides Coming Soon!

Building Professionalism through your Graduate Professional Assistantship Presented by Amy Snyder and Meeghan Milette

Planning for the First Two Weeks as a GTA with Dr. Crystal Anderson