International Graduate Students

Pursuing your graduate studies at Mason places you among leading researchers, and within a diverse and inclusive community.


Applying to your program

Students from outside the United States must meet immigration deadlines and have all application materials ready to submit when applying to a program. Locate your program requirements and deadlines on the Prospective Student guide.


George Mason University requires the appropriate immigration visa for students from countries outside the U.S. International graduate students should rely on the guidance of the Office of International Programs and Services for advice, deadlines, approximated processing times, and information regarding securing visas.

George Mason University requires graduate students to provide evidence of English proficiency. Further, certain programs require minimum language proficiency scores for admission.


Mason is proud to partner with INTO for students seeking to improve their academic English while earning credit toward their master's degree.



Funding for International Students

Students who are non-US citizens or non-residents, are not eligible for federal financial aid. However, there are internal and external scholarships available to students, as well as loan options for financing your education. 

Financial Aid counselors at Mason can provide you with information on these opportunities so you can make personalized decisions about what types of support are right for you.


Newly Admitted International Students

All newly admitted international students can attend an orientation designed for international student needs at Mason.  Review the newly-admitted graduate student checklist to ensure the proper processes and materials are submitted in order.

Ready to Work?

Some students may have the need or desire to work while studying in the United States. For international students, the process involves several important steps to ensure employability. University Career Services offers assistance for international students on F1 and J1 visas in cooperation with the Office of International Programs and Services.

Preparing to enter the job market after graduation presents unique challenges to international students. University Career Services also offers resources for students preparing for an international job search, seeking a career in the United States, or exploring all available options.