Stipend Rates

Knowing the minimum pay rates for graduate assistantships helps you plan your budget. 

Minimum pay rates apply to all assistantships paid from state or research accounts. Compensation standards could be determined by categories such as degree, length of term, and the number of hours per week. 

Master’s and Doctoral Graduate Research, Teaching, and Professional Assistantships for AY 2024-2025:

Term Length Full-Time* Part-Time
12-Month $25,992 $12,996
9-Month $19,494 $9,747
9.5-Month $20,577 $10,289
Fall or Spring Semester $9,747 $4,874
Summer $6,498 $3,249

*Full-time is 20 hours per week during the academic year and summer term for students enrolled in courses. Students not enrolled during the summer, but enrolled in the fall, may work up to 40 hours per week. Compensation must be adjusted to reflect the increase in hours. 

Graduate Assistantships for Approved External Fellowships for AY 2024-2025:

Term Length Quarter-Time Assistantships*
12-Month N/A
9-Month $4,000
Fall or Spring Semester $2,000
Summer N/A

*Quarter-time assistantships include five hours per week of work during the academic year. The work will be determined by an agreement between the department/program and the student, and in consultation with the external funding foundation/agency when necessary. If the student’s approved external fellowship place restrictions on such work, contact the Office of Fellowships for guidance and assistance.

Graduate Assistantships Stipend

  • The Graduate Division sets a minimum stipend level. Each unit must ensure that its level is equal to or higher than the minimum specified in the rate table.
  • Stipend levels have no caps.
  • Full-time assistantships, including tuition support, are strongly encouraged.
  • Twelve-month assistantships are strongly encouraged if the graduate student has responsibilities during both the academic year and summer.

Appointment Dates

Appointment dates for GRAs paid from sponsored program funds might reflect the effective dates of the respective grant.