Accelerate to Industry (A2i)


Accelerate to Industry (A2i)

The Graduate Division is dedicated to creating a university-wide focus on graduate education and training by continuing to support and develop dynamic extra-curricular training experiences designed to provide students with an enhanced suite of skills and competencies necessary for success across all career paths. The Accelerate to Industry (A2i) program helps Mason graduate students obtain the workforce skills and experience they need to succeed in a dynamic industry career path. Students will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders as they prepare for their future after graduate school.

A2i is an industry workforce readiness program for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars that focuses on preparing them for employment opportunities in the industry. Developed by the North Carolina State University, this initiative offers various modules and opportunities for students to gain practical experiences.  It assists them in securing industry jobs and empowers them to thrive in the corporate environment by demonstrating essential competencies that are not usually learned through academic training. 

In the Fall of 2023, University Career Services and Graduate Student Life, with the Graduate Division, is launching the first Graduate Career Series. With A2i, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars can explore ample employment opportunities with industry companies in the DC and DMV areas and across the U.S.. They can develop the business, leadership, and communication skills that companies seek.  



The Job Search Strategies Module offers an overview of career opportunities and equip individuals with the essential skills required to transition into leadership positions within the industry. This includes talks from industry speakers and workshops led by professional development experts. 

JSS is offered in both the Fall and Spring semester. A2i also offers a special virtual section of JSS over the Summer that includes our partner institutions’ students and industry members. 


Immersion Week offers all graduate students, including postdocs, the opportunity to attend in-person professional development programming that will help them pursue and transition into a career in industry. Included in this experience are professional development workshops, panel discussions, presentations, networking events, a career fair, and experiential activities.  

Mason’s first Immersion Day will be held March 4th, 2024. Event information for the inaugural Immersion Day will be posted in January.


Date & Time:   

Virtual or In-Person?

Session Topic Location

January 30

Virtual Translating Your Grad School Experience to Employers Zoom

February 12

Virtual Exploring Research Careers Outside Academia Zoom

March 4

In-Person Graduate Student Career Conference JC Dewberry Hall, Lobby, and Pre-Function Meeting Rooms A, B, & C


In-Person Interviewing UCS

April 17

Virtual Job Searching Beyond the DMV Zoom


Students will be able to register for these events through Mason360. To register for the next event, please see here.



AUGUST 18, 2023 - A2i Panel Zoom Discussion 
Come hear from two of Mason's doctoral candidates, who attended this year’s Immersion Week, about their experiences and what you can be doing to prepare for your transition to industry! 

JUNE 2023 - Job Search Strategies Summer Sessions 
Virtually every Thursday in June from 12 - 1 p.m. 
Are you interested in learning about a career in industry and the skills industry is looking for? If so, The Accelerate to Industry program is here to help you understand more about what a career in industry looks like. Join us for these five, 1-hour, virtual seminars that will provide you with foundational information and enhance your career exploration. 

JULY 17-21, 2023 - Immersion Week at NC State University 
*Applications due early May 
As part of the Accelerate to Industry (A2i) portfolio, trainees can participate in Immersion Week, a 5-day immersive program for late-stage graduate students and postdocs, focused on preparing them to make the transition from their academic program to a career in industry. 

Previous Workshops:

Date & Time:  Virtual or In-Person? Session Topic Location

September 6

Virtual Writing an Effective Resume Zoom

September 18

In-Person Career Planning: Creating Your Individual Development Plan Merten 1203

October 19

In-Person Networking at Career Fairs and Industry Events JC Room C

October 26

In-Person Graduate Student Career Fair Dewberry Hall

November 9

Hybrid 90-Minute Job Search Workshop Merten 1204

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