Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week

Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week

Join the Graduate Student Life in celebrating Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week! During this week, we honor the contributions of Mason’s 12,000+ graduate and professional students.

Thank you to our partners, including the Office of Graduate Education, LGBTQ+ Center, Women and Gender StudiesUniversity Career Services, and many more, for collaborating with us for our programming and events.

To view information about Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week for the current academic year, head to our Graduate Student Life events page. Below you will a sample of what the Appreciation Week schedule might look like!

All week long: Graduate and Professional Student Shout-Outs

Is there a graduate or professional student you’d like to recognize with a shout-out? Maybe they’re a really great friend or source of support; maybe they’re always participating in class; maybe you’re their supervisor or colleague and you’d like to recognize all the hard work they do – either way, they are a graduate or professional student whom you really appreciate! Show them how much you care by giving them a shout-out, which will be shared to Graduate Student Life’s social media (@MasonGradLife) during Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week! Submissions must be made by a Mason-affiliated individual for current Mason graduate or professional students. A separate form should be submitted for each student you seek to recognize. 

Graduate Assistant Breakfast

Graduate Assistants of all kinds (Graduate Research Assistants, Graduate Teaching Assistants, and Graduate Professional Assistants) are welcomed to join us for a FREE breakfast on the Fairfax campus! Invite only. 

Navigating the Academy as Women

Join Women and Gender Studies and Graduate Student Life for the roundtable discussion: Navigating the Academy as a Women, featuring Dr. Sharnnia Artis and Dr. Cher Chen and moderated by Sophia Abbott, PhD candidate in CEHD. Our guest speakers will discuss their experiences as women (among their other identities) in academia, challenges and successes throughout their career, and invite others to think critically about the experiences of women within higher education. Coffee and light refreshments will be provided!

Graduate Student Career Workshop: Get What You're Worth: Negotiating Job Offers, Salaries, and Raises

Congratulations – they offered you the job! But what do you do once you receive the offer? How do you negotiate a salary and non-monetary benefits that reflect your value to the organization? Or if you already have a job, how do you ask for a raise? Join Graduate Student Life and University Career Services for this webinar to learn strategies and tips to be an informed and effective advocate for yourself to get the compensation you deserve.

Queer Graduate Student Book Club

Join the LGBTQ+ Resources Center and Graduate Student Life for Book Club this semester, to enjoy literature contributions by queer authors! If you need assistance acquiring the reading material for this event's book - "Gender Queer: A Memoir" is a 2019 graphic memoir written and illustrated by Maia Kobabe - please contact LGBTQ+ Resource center to get a copy. 

Mason Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference 2023

Plan now to join the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA), Graduate Student Life, and the Provost’s Office at the annual Mason Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference, to be held virtually on Friday March 31! This one-day event will showcase graduate student research, scholarship, and creativity across disciplines through posters, presentations, visual/performing arts, and Mason’s fourth annual Three-Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition. Contact GAPSA with questions. 

Grad-itude at SciTech: Grad Student Appreciation Week Event

Join University Life and GAPSA at SciTech in Graduate Student Appreciation Week for "Grad-itude"; thanks to, thanks from, thanks with; Gratitude Cards; the UL SciTech "Chillin' Out" Ice Cream Cart; roll the inflatable die for swag and prizes.
The SciTech Campus, Katherine G. Johnson Hall, 3/28/23. 10AM to 12:30PM.